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The Ocean City Donut Tour

Ocean City is home to some of the best donut shops in New Jersey, and who doesn’t love a good donut in the morning! Make sure to hit all of the go-to places this summer so you do-nut miss out on some of the greatest!

Want to hit them all? Below is a list starting in the north end and making its way down south of the island!

These small, tiny, and delectable treats hold so much power over us. We walk up and down the boardwalk smelling the aroma of these donuts and jump right into that mile long line. Not aware of this phenomenon? These two boardwalk spots are the perfect place for you:


Located on 1st and Boardwalk, Brown’s is easily recognizable with their donut lines wrapping up and down the boardwalk! The lines alone should assure you that their donuts are delicious! Customers love their flavors: plain, honey, chocolate, vanilla glazed, cinnamon sugar and powdered, you can’t go wrong with any of them! Is that long line discouraging you from trying their donuts? Go in and eat breakfast! Order an amazing meal with a few donuts on the side.

Photo by : @therealkatiewaldow on Instagram


Located on 4th and Boardwalk, Oves’ famous apple cider donuts are a must have! The donuts are fresh and hot, making your mouth water just by looking at them! Make sure to order a few donuts and enjoy the ocean views!

Photo by : @czap_photography on Instagram

When you hear “donut” do you think of the classic frosted treats? If so we have some amazing places for you to try this summer! Don’t just stick with strawberry or vanilla frosted! Be adventurous and make sure to try some of their unique flavors!

Drip N’ Scoop:

High on the list was Drip N’ Scoop. Located on 960 Asbury Avenue, customers can get very decorative donuts that taste amazing. A donut (or two) with a cup of coffee is the best morning breakfast! Some customer favorites are chocolate, raspberry, and cookies and cream! Make sure to take the famous Drip N’ Scoop picture of your donut and coffee and post it to Instagram!

Photo by: @fleurirlisa on Instagram

The Fractured Prune:

With how delicious the donuts at the Fractured Prune are, nobody was surprised when they ended up high on the list for donut shop favorites! Located at 1225 Asbury Avenue, customers can get these delicious treats! Some favorites are mint, lemonade, and strawberry shortcake! All of their donuts are amazing, so make sure to try out all of the fun flavors!

Photo by: @nick.tarone on Instagram

Cathy’s 14th Street Bakery:
Located at 407 E 14th Street, it’s no surprise that Cathy’s was an Ocean City favorite. Customers absolutely LOVE Cathy’s! Two favorites are the boston cream and jelly donuts, but kids are obsessed with all of their sprinkled donuts! Haven’t been to Cathy’s before? Make sure to stop here this summer!

Photo by: @shannyygee on Instagram

Dot’s Pastry Shop:

When asked where the favorite donut stop was throughout social media, Dot’s was high on the list. It’s very evident that customers absolutely LOVE Dots Donuts and after you try them, you will too! Located at 3148 Asbury Avenue, you can’t go wrong with any flavor here! Customers are obsessed with their powder cream filled, apple fritter and chocolate donuts! Unsure of what to get? You can’t go wrong with their cream donuts as some people claimed they were “the best cream donuts to exist.”

Photo by: @katherine.mclean on Instagram

Completed the donut tour, or not feeling the traditional donut today, but want something just as delicious? These three places will fulfill all your sweet tooth needs!

Monkey Bread:
Located on 9th and Boardwalk, customers can get the amazing treat known as monkey bread! What is monkey bread? Think of one of the most delicious baked goods you’ll ever have in your life, and that is what monkey bread is. Grab some on the boardwalk in the morning and enjoy it while relaxing on the beach, watching the waves roll by.

Photo by: @jenslovefood on Instagram

Whether you live on the north or south end of the island, there’s a Mallon’s for you! Located at 1340 Bay Ave and 410 E 55th Street, make sure to get their sticky buns and enjoy it with your friends and family (or keep the whole thing for yourself- we aren’t judging).

Photo by: @jackiebauer_ on Instagram

Wards Pastry:
Walking down Asbury Avenue, smelling the amazing aromas seeping down the street, it’s hard to miss Wards. Located on 7th and Asbury, customers absolutely love this bakery. Their fried cinnamon buns and large assortment of cookies are to die for. Grab a quick treat and enjoy it while shopping on Asbury Avenue.

Photo by: @wardspastry on Instagram



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