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5 Places to Spend National Ice Cream Day in OCNJ

National Ice Cream Day is THIS WEEKEND (Sunday July 21st) and we can’t think of a place better than Ocean City, New Jersey to spend this amazing national holiday in.

Are you thinking to yourself “wait, there’s a National Ice Cream Day!” Believe it or not in 1984 President Ronald Reagan declared the entire month of July to be National Ice Cream Month and then the third Sunday in July to be National Ice Cream Day! On Sunday, July 21st national ice cream day is taking the country by storm, where are you going to spend this holiday? Not sure yet? That’s why we’re here to let you know the most popular delicious ice cream shops on the island of Ocean City, New Jersey!

Keep reading to hear a little bit about various ice cream parlors!

CAUTION: what you’re about to read WILL make your mouth water, but don’t worry— these ice cream shops are open all summer long, not just on national ice cream day! (phew)

Drip n Scoop

ultimate ice cream cone drip n scoop

For this National Ice Cream Day, head on down to one of Drip N Scoop’s two locations on the island for a VERY special surprise: the ultimate ice cream cone! This cone consists of a homemade waffle cone with your choice of six different flavors you can pick and choose from!

Some popular flavors are: moose tracks, mint chocolate chip, coffee, salted caramel pretzel, birthday cake, Tiramisu, and the classics (chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.) All of this could be yours if you come by Sunday 7/21!

*Please note that flavors may be changed or swapped on a daily basis so there might not be all of the flavors listed above available. Make sure to check in store to see current offerings*

Their main shop is located at 960 Asbury Avenue and their second location is in the Flanders Hotel. Show their new location some love this offer is at BOTH locations!

George’s Candies

George’s Candies

With the countless number of ice cream shops on the island, we wanted to give you one of our favorite boardwalk shops: George’s Candies. Their homemade ice cream is a blast from the past! Their ice cream tastes old fashioned in the best of ways. Some flavors that their customers recommend are: banana chip, rocky road, and monkey fudge!

Check them out at 700 Boardwalk! *unrelated to ice cream, but make sure you try their fresh macaroons too— they’re amazing!!*

TJ’s Ice Cream

TJ’s Ice Cream

Serving delicious homemade ice cream at the north end of the island, TJ’s Ice Cream is definitely a family favorite! Their large menu is filled with countless mouth watering and delectable flavors that you don’t want to miss out on. Some favorites are the chocolate peanut butter crunch, strawberry with chocolate flakes, and banana fudge walnut.

They’re located at 100 E Atlantic Boulevard.

Hobby Horse Ice Cream Parlor

Hobby Horse Ice Cream Parlor

Located in the center of town, Hobby Horse is a family run and operated ice cream parlor with a large variety of delicious ice cream! All of their flavors are amazing and we’ve never been let down once! Some customer favorites are moose tracks, blueberry, and chocolate peanut butter!

They’re located at 800 Ocean Avenue.

A La Mode Ice Cream Parlor

A La Mode Ice Cream Parlor

Located at the south end of the island at 55th Street and West Avenue is a family favorite: A La Mode! All of their ice cream is homemade and absolutely delicious! Some customer favorites are the F.B.I. (hot fudge, homemade brownies, and ice cream) , and the Cookie Heaven Sundae!

*Remember: It’s National Ice Cream Month for the entire month of July so even if you can’t get out this Sunday, make sure you divulge in some OCNJ ice cream all month long*

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