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Why Did Drip N Scoop Open in the Iconic Flanders Hotel?

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Drip N Scoop has been a hit in Ocean City, New Jersey ever since it opened its doors a few years back. Customers rave about their freshly brewed coffee, delicious ice cream and unforgettable donuts. We personally think that their cold brew is the best on the island! Whenever we are shopping up and down Asbury Avenue, we always make sure to stop in grab a donut or two (or three) and a small cold brew. Although we love stopping in whenever we’re downtown, there has always been something missing when we walk up and down the boardwalk. We weren’t sure exactly what was missing, Robert Idell, founder of many OCNJ favorites such as Dockside Kitchen, Deadend Bakehouse, Sunrise Cafe and yes, Drip N Scoop, made it clear: a Drip N Scoop right near the boardwalk. 

We are not lying! It’s true! There is a Drip N Scoop located on 11th Street right when you’re either entering or exiting the boardwalk! You can now grab your favorite coffee and donuts conveniently located right inside of the historic Flanders hotel! 

Open 7am-10pm daily, you can have every item that you enjoy at their larger shop on Asbury Avenue now right off of the boardwalk! Yes, you read that right! Their new location will be offering the same menu as their Asbury Avenue location with all of your favorite ice cream, donut, and coffee flavors! Their location inside of the Flanders Hotel will be open seasonally, while also shadowing events happening at the hotel! If you want to cater your wedding or event with a donut wall, be sure to contact them here.

Their new location is carry-out only, perfect for enjoying a delicious snack while taking in the breathtaking views of what the Ocean City boardwalk has to offer! We recommend grabbing a cup of joe and your favorite donuts in the morning, while sitting on a bench listening to the sound of the crashing waves and feeling sun shining down! 

Here’s an inside look into the birth of Drip N Scoop’s second location in Ocean City, New Jersey and recommendations from the founder and owner himself, Robert Idell: 

Q: What made you want to open up in Flanders?

A: The opportunity was presented to us & with the Flanders being one of the most iconic hotels in Ocean City NJ, we just had to jump on it! Also, we supply tons of donuts to weddings all year long and the Flanders hotel, so it is a perfect fit for us.

Q: What is a donut you recommend / your favorite?

A: The lemon poppy donut has been a huge success & I have to add, we have the coolest little espresso machine in there.

Q: What is a drink that you recommend?

A:  Personally my favorite is the iced americano!

When we talked to Drip N Scoop enthusiast, Jonathan Bach, he couldn’t hide his excitement, “I can’t wait to grab a cup of their coffee right after my daily morning runs up and down the boardwalk!” 

Some other customer favorites are chocolate raspberry, peanut butter with Oreos and cookies & cream. Not only does this place serve delicious treats, every donut is picture perfect just waiting to be Instagrammed, but make sure to keep your donuts away from our friends that have a killer sweet tooth: the seagulls! 

Next time you’re walking up and down the boardwalk, make sure to follow the sign right by the baggage drop off to find Drip N Scoop’s latest location. 

Whether walking around on the boardwalk or strolling down Asbury, we think it’s crucial for your Ocean City vacation to try Drip N Scoop! 

Flanders Hotel/Boardwalk Location: 719 E 11th Street (inside of the Flanders Hotel) 

Asbury Avenue Location: 960 Asbury Avenue  

Make sure you share this article with your family and friends so they do-nut walk right by Drip N Scoop’s newest location! It’s the perfect treat after a day at the beach while you’re walking back to your parking spot. If you want to see their wide selection of treats check them out here @dripnscoop.

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