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Why OCNJ Isn’t Boring

Ocean City, the most boring city in New Jersey? Well, according to MSN it is. MSN pulled together some statistics, such as population, number of entertainment spots, the median age, etc. to come up with their ranking of Ocean City being at the top of the boring scale.  As this “news” broke, we saw countless outraged OCNJ lovers flock to all forms of social media to show their disapproval of this rating. What do we think about this? Of course we know that MSN’s rankings were off, but here are a few of our reasons why:

*Disclaimer: We know OCNJ is the best town in the world! Below are just a few reasons why we love Ocean City! These are not every reason why the island is amazing. Leave a comment below to why OCNJ is enjoyable for you!*

Food in Ocean City, NJ

Food makes the heart happy and the world go ‘round. Good thing there isn’t a short supply of great dining options and restaurants in OCNJ! The eateries in Ocean City are delicious. From the endless brunch options, delectable donut shops, to the amazing dine in or take out dinner joints, you really can’t go wrong with anything.

Wait, we almost forgot the best part: the desserts! Acai bowls, frozen yogurt, rolled ice cream, frozen custard, to ice cream sandwiches? I’d argue that we have some of the best dessert options in any town throughout the state.

Ocean City is quite literally the island of donuts, coffee, and brunch restaurants (all some of the best grub options around). Want to hear more about the coffee and donut options throughout the island? Click here for the donuts. Click here for the coffee.  From Uncle Bill’s Pancake House for breakfast, Yianni’s for lunch, heading on over to Piccini’s for dinner and then ending the night with an ice cream sundae at Kessel’s Korner, that sounds like the best way to spend my perfectly “boring” day in Ocean City.   

Entertainment in Ocean City, NJ

Ocean City, in my opinion, has some of  the best entertainment throughout all of the shore towns up and down New Jersey. From the music pier hosting countless talented artists, musicians, and bands to even the comic con event flooding with guests, such as actors from the Walking Dead and Teen Wolf, the entertainment is always spot on.

While walking up and down the boardwalk on summer nights, the scene is filled with street performers like musicians, artists and even the guy that raps about Jesus (you know who I’m talking about, he’s a big hit with the crowds).

With the two amusement parks, an endless supply of mini golf options, to even fun and unique attractions such as laser tag, mirror mazes, and escape rooms, the possibilities are endless.  Each year the boardwalk and amusement parks grow with renovations becoming more and more technologically advanced and fun for all ages.

Want to get away from the boardwalk and beach atmosphere? Check out the bay! From parasailing, fishing, jet skiing, to even going on the floating aqua park by Totally Tubular Watersports, there really is an endless list of activities while exploring the bay.

Whether you’re relaxing on the beach, parasailing, riding the Double Shot, or listening to a band in the music pier, you will definitely enjoy your perfectly “boring” time in Ocean City.

Surfing in Ocean City, NJ

Every beach town has delicious dining options, some sort of ferris wheel, and mini golf places, but not every Jersey shore town has the strong surfing culture that resides within the heart of Ocean City.

According to , OCNJ was ranked 4th in “America’s Best Surf Towns” in 2017. Talk about boring right..?

It was ranked ahead of very well known towns all throughout the United States such as Huntington Beach, California and Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina.

With great surf shops, such as 7th Street Surf Shop and Surfer Supplies, surfer-vibe eateries, such as the OC Surf Cafe and Bungalow Bowls, to the Chip Miller Surf Fest, Ocean City is stacked with surfing options.

Want to learn how to surf? We recommend taking a lesson from the 7th Street Surf Shop! Their lessons take place right in front of their 7th and Boardwalk location on the surfing beach! If surfing not your thing, but you still like watching it? Head on over to Waverly Blvd. or 7th Street beaches to watch some amazing surfers in their element.

Shopping in Ocean City, NJ

Ocean City’s downtown and boardwalk are filled with blocks and blocks of great shops for all ages. There is anything that one could dream of!

Need some retail therapy? Head on over to 7th Street Surf Shop, B&B, or even Island Gypsy for a shopping spree that will definitely leave you ecstatic.  

Have little ones? We recommend Bowfish Kids! They’re a children’s apparel, gifts and accessories boutique located at 956 Asbury Avenue. There are dozens of other shopping options from Glazed Over, Joann’s Interiors, to Peace of Wood!

Can’t find what you’re looking for from the storefronts? Check out Stainton’s, located at 810 Asbury Avenue, they have everything from hot sauce to some awesome Kentucky Derby gear. Whether you’re looking for a formal dress, paintings, to even things like hot sauce you can find it at one of Ocean City’s unique local businesses.

There are countless of other reasons to why Ocean City, New Jersey, most definitely is not the most “boring” city throughout the state. But hey, if MSN wants to believe we are then let them. Ocean City is a win-win city for everyone who loves it. There are the bustling crowds and excitement throughout the summer to the relaxing, peaceful and quiet beaches throughout the winter.

Whether you like nonstop action or a “private” beach, Ocean City, New Jersey has a little something for everyone at all times of the year.

For those who got upset about MSN’s ranking, remember that OCNJ is our little treasure, home, and where we share countless memories. We love our little south jersey island regardless of rank and opinions!

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