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OCNJ Postcard History 1942

ocnj ocean city nj postcard history 1942

OCNJ Post Card History 1942

This Ocean City NJ postcard, marked July 16th, 1942 and addressed to Miss Sara M. Mallette in Woodbury, NJ, reads:

Hello –

Having a grand time. Water, weather, etc. fine.

Do come see me.

Margy + Chal

Postcards are an incredible look into the past. Long before the days of texting and social media, sending a card in the mail was the preferred and even “trendy” form of “modern” communication. Today, we see postcards as nostalgic reflects of an era long ago. We keep and collect them as they offer us a tiny glimpse into a person’s life and experience.

Do you have an old Ocean City postcard you would like to share with us? Email us and we will feature yours in our next Postcard History from OCNJ.

ocnj ocean city nj postcard history 1942

Postcard History OCNJ 1942

Postcards courtesy of the Ocean City Historical Museum located inside the Ocean City Community Center Library at 17th + Simpson Ave.



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