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Sue Kirvan and her dad, 1970.

Sue Kirvan and her dad, 1970.

I was born in July and have always been a summer/beach person. My mom grew up going to Ocean City NJ and then she and my dad started going there. She has always loved OC, and my dad grew to love it too. Once they had my brother and I, it became our vacation destination pretty much each summer. We usually went for 2 weeks and rented down in the south end of town.

Sue Kirvan, age 1, 1965

Sue Kirvan, age 1, 1965

When I got older and got married and had a child of my own, we continued to vacation with my mom and dad in Ocean City. The added story is that I married a man who owned a home in Long Beach Island, which we still own today. Up until a couple years ago, we would still rent in Ocean City with my parents… even though we go to LBI every other weekend of the summer. So my son has grown up with a love for Ocean City, too. For me, this beach town will always have a very special place in my heart. I also swam in the big pool that used to be at the Flanders Hotel. 

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Carol (Hagerty) Ortlip, Fritz Hagerty, Miriam Hagerty – mid 1950s.

Carol Ortlip and Ben Kirvan, Summer 1996

Bill Ortlip, Ben Kirvan, Carol Ortlip – Summer 1997

Bill Ortlip, Carol Ortlip, Ben Kirvan – Summer 2000

Carol Ortlip and Ben Kirvan – Summer 1998 Ocean City NJ

OCNJ Memories

Sue Kirvan, Carol Ortlip, Bill Ortlip, Ben Kirvan – Ocean City NJ Summer 2008

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